EU Parliament asks for fair and safe use of AI for consumers

In a resolution on automated decision-making processes, adopted on February 12, 2020, the EU Parliament asks for “a fair and safe use” of AI for consumers. It underlines that consumers should be “properly informed about how it functions, about how to reach a human with decision-making powers, and about how the system’s decisions can be checked and corrected”.

The resolution “stresses the need for a risk-based approach to regulation” and “urges the Commission” to adapt the EU legislation related to safety rules for products, “so as to ensure that the new rules are fit for purpose, that users and consumers are protected from harm, that manufacturers have clarity about their obligations, and that users have clarity on how to use products with automated decision-making capacibilities”.

The resolution also emphasizes that several important texts, such as the Service Directive, the Professional Qualifications Directive, the Proportionality Test Directive, the e-Commerce Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) “already cover many policy aspects relevant for services that incorporate automated decision-making processes, including rules on consumer protection, ethics and liability”. The resolution notes that such rules should apply to both traditional services and services incorporating automated decision-making processes.

Finally, the resolution “stresses the importance of using only high-quality and unbiased data sets in order to improve the output of algorithmic systems and boost consumer trust and acceptance”.

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Katia B.

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