The development of connected devices has led some people to talk about "smart" houses or cities. While these objects may allow us to envision a more efficient management of resources and infrastructure, which is also better tailored to our needs, the stakes are high when it comes to respect for privacy, the protection of data and intellectual property and security. How can responsible use of IoTs be promoted?


Like Singapore, Atlanta or London, the city of Nice recently undertook a series of trials using artificial intelligence technologies.

Facial Recognition challenges

In Europe, many countries are seriously considering the use of facial recognition technologies, with the United Kingdom leading the way


Smart Home Smart Products

On July 16th 2020, the UK Government launched a call for views on its proposals for regulating consumer smart product cyber security. This regulation would follow the publication of the …

Smart Meters LINKY : The French DPA Puts Energy Groups on Notice One of the major challenges of Smart Cities is the collection of user’s data in order to deduce …