IAPP AI Global Governance 2024, Brussels

IAPP AI Global Governance 2024, Brussels

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On June 5th, 2024, the Chair’s Senior Researcher, Cornelia Kutterer, will participate in a panel discussion, with Phil Dawson – Head of Al Policy, Armilla Al and Florian Ostmann – Head of Al Governance and Regulatory Innovation, and Policy Fellow, The Alan Turing Institute, on the EU AI Act and the future of AI governance and risk management. She will focus on the EU AI Act‘s risk assessment and the challenges with General Purpose AI (GPAI).

The panel is part of the AI Governance Global 2024 conference organised by the IAPP – International Association of Privacy Professionals – in Brussels. This year’s conference aim is to provide an understanding of AI governance challenges, solutions, emerging trends, best practices and upcoming legislation.

The full conference programme is available here.

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05/06/24 04:00 PM to
05/06/24 05:00 PM